Artist Statement

The inspiration for my work is derived from many sources: fractal geometry, naturally occurring spirals and whorls, the metaphysical symbols and imagery of our spiritual traditions, the Spirograph we played with as children- anything where the eye senses that there is more than what is immediately visible, and seeks to behold what is unseen. The impetus is to express the inexpressible, to seek and connect with the creative force present and accessible in all things.

Recent research into how we use our eyes, and navigate our world, suggests that what we look upon in our waking life, significantly impacts our mental health. Historically, our ancestors have been looking at the natural, fractal patterns found in clouds, trees swaying in the breeze, and the ever-shifting horizon. Today, our gaze rests upon that which we have created- the linear lines of buildings, the grid of our streets, and all the geometry of our cities and infrastructure.

As wonderful as these creations are... they are profoundly different than the experience of walking in nature, which we have been doing since time began.

Placing flowing, fractally-rich imagery in front of our eyes, is one of the most powerful ways to calm and energise the mind, and I feel privileged to place my work into the public sphere at this time. 

Working with oil on glass presents unique opportunities- the depth of paint on the glass partially determines its color and tone; as backlighting literally brings light through the paint. An unexpected bonus is that as the room’s ambient light changes throughout the course of each day, there is a corresponding change in the tone and look of each piece. 

Painting on glass is also an exciting and challenging experience. Since it is actually a very slow moving liquid (technically an amorphous solid), each work is literally in motion, though we will not see them move in our lifetimes. Also, almost all the window panes were destined for a landfill site, and so reclaiming and adorning them is particularly satisfying.